About Us

CannaBuddies strives to bring the latest information and insights to our visitors about the large and growing legal cannabis and medicial marijuana market. Since our humble beginnings we have grown into a trusted and reputable source of the latest information on cannabis news, investments, market trends, products, applications and shopping deals from around the country.

We’ve gradually grown into a beloved community and resource for millions of men and women around Canada looking for trustworthy and accurate information relating to the countries legal cannabis market.

At our core, CannaBuddies strives to bring together the latest in findings and discoveries in practical and useful applications of this truly magical herb. We strive to bring to users truly useful information and insights from cutting edge studies and industry experts as well as products and their various applications from the latest & verifiably accurate sources and providers.

Our Principles

The CannaBuddies.ca team and communities view on the practical and useful application of Cannabis and its related cousins is that we should be researching and finding out as much as we can about these compounds and their potential rather then just labelling them as a recreational and destructive vehicle of drug/addiction behaviors.

Most people visiting our website are of open mind as to the practical applications of these compounds and wish the freedom to seek knowledge and usage without persecution.

We continue to strive to help enlighten our visitors and others as to the various aspects of the market and its products with the spreading of the latest and most pertinent information and resultant physical products and services that result from ongoing studies, findings and accumulative social groupings of belief.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions, concerns, useful insight or really any kind of legitimate reason to want to talk to our team… we would love to hear from you and our demographic at large!

If your concern is over the content of a specifc past, article, product or deal in particular we would recommend using the provided contact form at the bottom of each. In this way we can display to others that may share your concern or question the information or answer requested.

For more specific, private or personalized inquiries – please use or phone number, social media platforms or provided private contact form. All of these methods of communication are listed in detail on the contact us page of our website included as a link at the top right or bottom left of each and every page in our website. Alternative you can click this link to visit the contact page directly at http://woocommerce-541233-1733598.cloudwaysapps.com/contact-us/.

We thank you for your interest and support of our site and hope to call you one of the many canna ‘buddies’ in the future whom engages and finds use in our platforms and mission.

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