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Get in Touch – is a rapidly expanding growing cannabis product news, comparison, reviews, deals, coupons and business listings supersite with dramatic month to month increases in unique visitors as well as loyal returning shoppers. Our audience is almost exclusively Canadian with the vast majority of our traffic coming from cannabis buyer intent keywords and product / brand name research and shopping terms from Google & bing. We are opening up advertiser options now that our site has been firmly established with quality growth and trajectory trends. We have a handful of website and social media brand/store/product placement and advertising positions selected for month to month or longer term contracts and are always open to any customized listing and placements that we deem to be mutually beneficial for both parties. Pricing available after initial placement(s) request Pricing is rapidly changing and evolving with the quick week to week growth of our websites and other marketing and social channels and will be available on request after filling out the below form and discussing what type of ad, placement, text, images and copywriting you wish to include:

    1) Sponsored Content Placement / Writing
    Long form article content pieces such as professionally written store/brand/product reviews complete with ratings, pros and cons, visitor review aggregation, etc. Including into the drop down ‘top reviewed’ menu list sitewide.
    2) Banner/Section placement on Homepage or Sidebar (sitewide)
    Dedicated banner or html content, image, coupon and conversion copywriting professionally integrated into a prominent section of our homepage, cornerstone navigation pages and sitewide within the sidebar.
    3) Video Marketing & Creation
    Examples: Order package unboxing videos & product/store video reviews. To be distributed over youtube and top video websites and then marketed via search engine optimization, youtube optimization and social media marketing channels.
    4) Social Media Posts & Shoutouts
    Customized product, brand and business shoutouts and posts written to your specifications and posted to our rapidly growing social media channels including instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest. Business and brand page cross promotion & website click and conversion orientated.
    5) Guest Blog Posts & Content Marketing
    Post your unique content articles and blog entries on our website with up to 3 search engine optimized ‘dofollow’ backlinks inserted into your writing and images to create substantial search engine optimization value. Blog articles are published within your own ‘author’ rich schema data markup to make sure you are taking advantage of various SEO E.A.T signals related to content ownership, distribution and engagement. Articles can have a limited amount of promotional sales or lead generating type of advertising integrated within them as well.
    6) Retail Store Listing & Province/City Dispensary Directory
    Get your physical storefronts and dispensaries listed within our brick and mortar cannabis stores and dispensary directories. Providing quality cannabis niche related “NAP” business citations for boosts to your google and bringing local business listings and rankings as well as generating SEO beneficial backlinks to your website and generating more leads through our own organic search engine listings.
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