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Well, the best joke in the business goes to King Tut’s Cannabis. The opening page of King Tut’s Cannabis shows off some of the best buds offered on the site ...

The Wholesome Monkey offers plenty of deals and a knowledgeable staff looking to help the first-time user find exactly what they need, or they can simply help ...

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The site is designed to give the customer an easy experience purchasing top-rated cannabis. Nearly all the reviews are positive with orders being met in a ...

Shamrock Cannabis is a Canadian based online cannabis retailer who sells not only cannabis flower, but also a variety of vape cartridges, accessories, ...

JJ Meds is about quality over quantity, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a wide selection of edibles, concentrates, flowers, and CBD products. JJMeds ...

Green Society is a Vancouver, BC based online cannabis retailer whose mission is to provide top quality, locally sourced craft cannabis to consumers of all ...

Cheapweed’s name explains it all. There are a number of different strains offered at some of the best prices on the entire market. Cheap Weed offers ...

Cannabismo is an online mail order marijuana company based in Vancouver, BC. They have a great selection of products in a variety of categories including ...

Budmail offers several different choices when it comes to cannabis intake. Flower, concentrate, edibles, vapes, CBD, and many different other options are ...

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Many people are aware of the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and 9-delta tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in cannabis. However, the world is just waking up (or ...

Kratom has changed the landscape of natural health since it entered the US market several decades back. Today, it runs alongside other prominent, powerful ...

With the kind of benefits that kratom provides, it was really only a matter of time before it became the big shot natural remedy that it is. Today, kratom is ...

So, you’ve heard great things about CBD hemp flower, and you thought you might give the stuff a try. But for as amazing and even miraculous as its results ...

The Canadian Government announced that recreational use of cannabis would no longer be against the Criminal Code as of October 17, 2018, to advance ...

Nothing quite hits like a strong drag from a volcano bag, a pull from a Puffco Peak, or rip from a bong. It’s the simple joy of feeling that almost immediate ...

Are you wondering whether it is safe to use CBD when pregnant? CBD has become popular today being promoted as a remedy to almost everything from nausea to ...

How do I maximize yield in my garden? A question that has been in the cannabis community for years, it can be very simple yet so complex at the same time. Let ...

It’s always been the way. See a label with a high level of THC, pay whatever it takes, and enjoy. This is a tried and true way to experience cannabis. It’s ...

You have probably heard of 4/20 but did you know there is another stoner holiday on July 10th known as 7/10? Worry no more, here is everything you need to know ...

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  1. Extremely high quality rosin extract… one of the best products for the dollar in Canada at the moment from my vast trial and errors in all things concentrates and cannabis products

  2. I was a bit hesitant to buy these because of the no name appearance, but after ordering and trying some of these Cannabismo medicated hard candies I can say that they are definitely legit and at the no name price probably one of the best values for medicated thc candies from an online dispensary in Canada

  3. God I am absolutely in love with Room920 mushroom edibles for microdosing, so much more convient and safe then doing your own raw stuff

  4. I ussually prefer indica shatter but these House of glass Hybrid shatter packs are seriously making me rethink my choices

  5. I just love everything that the Joi canada cannabis company makes and this THC Joi Juice e-liqud vape juice is no exception

  6. Secret garden vape cartridges will not disappoint. Kind of expensive but the quality is second to none and I understand why they have higher prices and its worth it

  7. I have been a fan of THC tincture products for a few months now and my last order I tried this tincture from Herb Angels Canada. Definitely my new favorite

  8. The beautiful sunset octane cannabis strain is a new favorite of me and my support groups that recommmend medicinal cannabis for our PTSD support. Definitely will be a favorite of yours too if you decide to buy it!

  9. Oh these are some of the nicest buds you’ll ever see and there is a distinct Black Gas Mask strain high that I can’t quite put my finger on but love. Gotta stock up before the next batch is possibly different

  10. God I’m addicted to my granddaddy purps Pure Pulls vape pen… Definitely shouldve ordered a couple as now im back and its out of stock!

  11. I have been searching for the best vape cartridges for a while and flyte, keyy and Bob are really standout products

  12. Have been smoking the gas chamber weed strain out the bong all day and I’ve had the absolute most relaxintg and productive day. True quality and smooth smoke folks

  13. So happy I decided to go with this vape pen kit. The brands are just so much better than the rest in the price range

  14. I don’t see any reason to buy any other edibles, perhaps they are overdosing sugar jacks edibles for the price to get people hooked and then they will dumb down the potency and cost to produce, but for now these are just incredible for the value and price, especially with your coupons and discount codes

  15. Ah I have been looking for shatter bars in Toronto forever after seeing them in both vancouver, montreal and calgary cannabis dispensaries. So glad I found these Euphoria Extractions chocolate shatter bars for sale online, have received two shipments to Ontario within 2 days and I’m shocked at the quality and low price with the coupon code. Now where can you buy shatter bars offline in Toronto though?

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