4 Tips for Using Kratom As a Sleep Aid

Kratom has changed the landscape of natural health since it entered the US market several decades back. Today, it runs alongside other prominent, powerful natural herbs like hemp, typically touted as a forerunner in the organic health industry. Of course, with such popularity, it’s only normal that kratom has become the focal point of scrutiny, study, and research. And all of the efforts that go into understanding its benefits and chemistry has also uncovered a wealth of knowledge for practical use.

These days, kratom isn’t only used for its properties against pain, but also for other benefits that aren’t quite as popular but are impressive no less. And in this guide, we’re tackling how you can use kratom as a sleep aid, and how to maximize the herb’s potential to get the ultimate night’s rest.

Know the Different Strains

Scanning the market for kratom, you’ll find that there are quite a number of kratom varieties – often called strains – available through different vendors like https://kratomcrazy.com/. But before you dismiss the wide selection thinking it’s just some marketing ploy, science has actually proven that these strains actually exist.

Just like the hemp plant that exists in different ‘phenotypes’, kratom plants also come in several different kinds. And while they’re all classified as Mitragyna speciosa plants, these minor differences result in distinct effects during the user experience.

For the most part, kratom phenotypes are classified based on colour. These colours are identified based on the colour of the veins underneath the leaves. As of writing, there are four main color groups, namely red, green, white, and yellow.

While all of these varieties produce similar effects, the red vein kratom strains are known to produce the most calming benefits. Some options like the Red Bali strain are milder, while choices like Red Dragon or Red Kali produce more powerful effects per dose.

That said, individuals hoping to leverage the benefits of kratom for sleep would be much better off using red vein strains. Greens, whites, and yellows are stimulating varieties which means they’re likely to wake you up instead of helping you sleep.

Practice Precision Dosing

Another area where people tend to get confused is dosing. With most sleep aids, you probably take more to feel sleepier, which seems like a logical concept, but with kratom, that might not be the case. Studies and users have found that using kratom at low doses produces more calming, relaxing, sedating benefits. But once you step up to moderate and high doses, the herb takes a turn for stimulation.

The same remains even for red vein options that are more likely to help you fall asleep. So even if you’re taking the right kind of kratom, overindulging in the herb means you run the risk of jolting your system awake.

However, once you reach past the moderate to high dose territory and move into mega doses, the herb is most likely to knock you out. But because of the ultra strong effects, you’re more likely to feel tired after you wake up rather than rested. So as a general rule, if you’re using kratom for sleep, you’re going to want to start at the smallest possible dose.

Know the Right Timing

Many of those who struggle with sleep don’t only want to improve sleep quality, but also hope to establish a reasonable sleeping schedule. If that’s the case for you, then it’s important that you fully understand the timing of kratom intake to properly schedule your dose so you can consistently sleep at the right time.

In general, capsules and powders take about 35 minutes to kick in. But if you’re taking your kratom with food, then the results could take much longer. Food is known to slow down the metabolism of kratom, and may even dampen its absorption through the gut. So taking your kratom supplements after dinner means you might have to wait up to two hours to feel drowsy at best.

It’s ideal to take kratom at least an hour to an hour and a half after a meal in order to experience its effects within the 35 minute mark. If you’re eating dinner late, then you can take your dose 45 minutes before your meal so it’s absorbed into the gut before the food makes its way into your system.

Avoid Double Doses

So, let’s say you took your first kratom dose and you’re waiting for the sleepiness to settle in but after waiting an hour or two, you come to find that it’s just not working for you. Instead of taking another dose, skip the night and try again on the next evening but increase your dosage by half a gram from the last try.

This safety measure just prevents the risk of taking more kratom than your body can handle, since there’s no way to tell for sure how a person will respond to the herb once it’s in their system. Some people with lower sensitivities can take several hours to react to the kratom in their body. So taking multiple doses might be dangerous especially if your system is delaying the response.

What’s more, if you’re just not experiencing the results you’re after, even after waiting another night to adjust the dose, then you might want to check your kratom. Poor quality product will typically produce a much less pronounced response and may take several times the average dose to show even the slightest effects.

Sweet Dreams are Made with Kratom

Kratom is just the gift that keeps on giving! With more and more research going into the analysis of the herb, it seems the benefits of kratom are limitless. From pain relief to mental health, to weight loss and active performance, kratom’s potential as the ultimate wellness herb is further established with each passing day. And now, for those seeking a sound night’s sleep, it’s advantages for improving sleep quality prove to be a welcome relief from synthetic sleep aids. Make sure you follow these tips to guarantee a fuss-free evening with the help of kratom.

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