CBD and Pregnancy

Are you wondering whether it is safe to use CBD when pregnant? CBD has become popular today being promoted as a remedy to almost everything from nausea to depression. With the increased availability and legalization of Cannabis products, it is important to know the effects of using CBD while pregnant. During pregnancy, doctors warn against the use of any form of marijuana and this also applies to when you are breastfeeding too. This is because of the harmful effects on your newborn’s health and development.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC that is responsible for your high when smoking, CBD is mostly known for its medicinal purposes. By putting a few drops under your tongue or inhaling vapor from the oil, you get its calming effect which can help with stress and better quality sleep. CBD has been found to help in pain relief, anxiety, acne, and improve heart health.

Is It Safe to Use CBD During Pregnancy?

Although CBD oil is known in some cases for helping relieve insomnia, anxiety, nausea, and pain. Despite all these benefits of using CBD oil, it is not recommended for use during pregnancy. It is recommended that if you are pregnant or contemplating having a baby, you shouldn’t use any marijuana products.

Midwives might recommend the use of moderate doses of CBD to help in extreme morning sickness and anxiety but studies have shown that using marijuana products during pregnancy can have negative effects on your health. It has been found to have a negative effect on fetal brain development because THC enters the fetal brain from the bloodstream of the mother.

It could also increase the risk of low birth weight of the newborn. There is also research that shows it could increase the chances of stillbirth and premature births. Because THC can stay in breastmilk for up to six days after use, it can negatively affect the brain development of your newborn. This can result in poor cognitive function and other long-term consequences. Marijuana smoke is also harmful to babies or children so it should not be smoked around them.


Because long term data on the effects of CBD on pregnant women does not exist yet, it is better to be on the safe side because results on the use of THC products by mothers have been found to cross the placenta and make its way to the growing fetus. Make sure to consult your technician before taking any CBD or marijuana products.


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