Edibles For The Long Haul & Vaping For The Short-term

Nothing quite hits like a strong drag from a volcano bag, a pull from a Puffco Peak, or rip from a bong. It’s the simple joy of feeling that almost immediate sense of relief that keeps us coming back for more and more. What if there was a different way?

Of course, there is.

Edibles have been around for nearly as long as pot itself. Whether it’s simply eating it right off the plant or pulling a decarb and baking up something tasty, there are benefits to both. For seasoned smokers, there is a big difference. Plenty goes into picking the right way to relax. Let’s take a look at some of the information behind these pastimes as they’re some of our favourite things to do.

Edibles have come a long way since basically being just a college treat for a group who tosses in for a big bag to bake. There are several different ways to get into edibles. Some are as easy as taking a vitamin in the morning. My personal go-to is a morning pill that gives me a little boost. It also helps with cutting down on my smoking or vaping throughout the day. Not that it’s a problem, but it’s nice to take one pill in the morning and be functioning throughout the day. I take a 5mg pill from Terrapin, but I have kicked it up to 10mg, 20mg, and on a few occasions I’ve even popped a 50mg pill. The ladder is for special occasions, but still a lot of fun. You won’t be smoking much either. Trust me.

Edibles seem to hit a little harder than vaping or smoking. They offer more of a complete high as opposed to a mostly head high brought on from, you guessed it, vaping or smoking.
Pills make it easy but baking something with cannabutter makes it fun. I’m lucky. I have a big bad Volcano Classic and Mighty from Storz and Bickel. I’m not bragging, I’m simply stating a fact that leaves me with plenty of AVB—the leftover contents of a freshly vaped bowl(AVB – Already Vaped Bud http://www.cannabuddies.io/blog/5-ways-to-use-avb-already-vaped-bud/). It’s quick and easy to make a batch of cannabutter with all the leftover AVB. Then it’s just a matter of baking like a normal person, but with the added benefits of your cannabutter. Now that all my personal gripes are out of the way let’s focus on what makes edibles fun. We all have our own way of doing it, whether it’s baking goodies, making gummies, or building up a candy stash. As for right now, this isn’t going to be directions on how to make cannabutter. The cannabutter is already made for this purpose.

I like to set the cannabutter in the freezer and get that perfect separation for a nice lime green colour. Once I have the cannabutter looking good, I begin to make chocolate chip cookies. Not really thinking outside of the box, but they taste better than most and pack a punch.

Personally, I want my edibles to pop. I’ll mix in anywhere from half an ounce to a full two ounces of AVB into my butter mix. If I’m using flower products straight from the jar, which I never do, a quarter ounce would likely be enough. Spoiler, I don’t typically use fresh flower products to make edibles. I don’t have anything against it, I just prefer vaping my stuff first.
The finished product will knock your socks off. Seriously, I can make some mean chocolate chip cookies. As for potency, they are strong. I eat a few, wait an hour or two, and enjoy. Edibles are clean, fun, and oftentimes a longer lasting high than vaping or smoking. It’s really just about being patient and letting the THC do the work. If things aren’t happening right away give it time or do something to get the blood flowing. Once it hits, you’ll be fine.

Vaping, my personal favourite way for intake.

I’m not a vaping snob. Hand me a fat bowl on a bong and I’m game for days. Vaping is just different. It’s smooth. The taste of the product is so much better. It almost has an earthy taste to go with all the flavours. Oftentimes, I feel like I can taste every single piece of the plant. It’s immediate and the high will last for some time. Edibles will certainly last longer than most vaping, but the effects aren’t going to be the same. The taste and smell alone help me give the nod to vaping over edibles.

The perfect vaping situation for me would include some strong indica, a grinder, and my trusty Volcano. When I go for the heavy stuff, and I do regularly, I have a Puffco Peak.
The only reason I mention my vaping gear is to give you a complete picture of my setup. Anyway, let’s get back to the flower. I love a good, strong indica when vaping. I don’t mind the couch lock and can fight through it most of the time.

A good vape is much better than an edible in my opinion mainly because I’m a session smoker. I like passing a blunt, joint, spliff, bag, or bong around to friends. It’s very social and something that’s always fun to do in a group setting. Whereas edibles are typically just a one-shot deal, you take it or eat it and in a few hours you enjoy the after effects. Where edibles really shine for me is extended use throughout the day. If I’m on vacation or having a particularly stressful day I’d rather take a strong edible that will keep me balanced throughout all of my challenges rather than worry about carrying my vape around everywhere.

I really can’t say too many bad things about either way of indulging. They both get the job done. It really comes down to patience and need of relief. If you want something quick, vaping and smoking are clearly the way to go. Edibles will be better for a body high, it might take longer to hit but the high will last much longer than simply vaping or smoking. There also won’t be a need to constantly re-up your high. This isn’t a problem for session heads like me, but if you’re at work or on a hike where pulling out the Volcano might not be the best choice, edibles certainly work.

As always it comes down to enjoyment. Go out, mix-and-match, and take advantage of all the fun offered to us smokers, vapers, or eaters.
Just for fun let’s take a look at what I got in the bag. Just for clarification’s sake, I’m a medical marijuana card holder in Pennsylvania. I doubt any of the companies mean the slightest bit to most of you, but you’ll still get an idea of what strain I enjoy and why. Again, just to get to know a little about my smoking interests.

My current list of options:


Ice Cream Cake by Terrapin Farms
Brownie Scout by GTI Rythm
Grape Pie by Ilera

As you can see, I enjoy a lot of flavour. Surprise! Surprise! It’s all indica. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good sativa, but that’s for the morning and I’m a night owl. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I can fight through the couch lock and enjoy a good indica. I’m a sucker for a strong punch to the face.


Sour Diesel live resin by GTI Rythm
Terpwin Station wax by Terrapin Farms
Purple Kush crumble by Agri-kind

A sativa sneaks in. I love live resin and I especially love it in the morning to get going. GTI really brings the good stuff when it comes to their live resin concentrates and it doesn’t take much to get going. A few rips and I’m set for the rest of the day.


Ican pills by Terrapin
Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies by me

I take a small dose of THC in the morning as an edible. It’s a pill filled with RSO(Rick Simpson Oil) from Terrapin. It’s just a little amount to help keep focused throughout the day. The cookies are the product of a family recipe infused with either some fresh bud or AVB from the volcano. I can’t talk much about the recipe, but I can talk about the cannabutter used. I always go with a decent amount, I like my strong edibles and good cookies. When the two get together it’s a nonstop party.

Written By Brett R. Crossley

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