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buy smyle couponIn a post-legalization market such as Canada, the sheer quantity of cannabis and CBD products available has become astounding. Whether you smoke, vaporize, eat edibles or dab it, the choices are endless and the question still remains – What am I putting into my body, and can I trust it? Is this product made in a seedy lab somewhere, or is it made from natural ingredients that I can feel good about using? 

Enter Smyle, a relatively new company who are beginning to make waves in an already crowded marketplace. Smyle creates their products using all natural ingredients, with a focus on low odour for discretionary medicating wherever you go. Sometimes you simply can’t smell like marijuana, and Smyle has got your back on that.

Smyle offers a variety of products and flavours, including the following – 

V-Liquid – At the top of their offering is their V-liquid, which is available in a few different flavours and both THC and CBD only. This product can be used with many popular vape brands. Flavours include Natural, Winter, Orange and Lemon-Lime. It’s available in THC and CBD-only, in both 500mg and 1000mg sizes.

Shake N Spray – a sublingual spray, which delivers approximately 2.4 mgs of medication in a single pump. Think Binaca, but with life-enhancing medicine instead of a bad-breath fighting solution. Flavours include Winter, Orange and Lemon-Lime. It comes in only 1 size, but is available in CBD-only and THC varieties.

Their packaging is attractive, and the branding is spot on. Smile and wave goodbye to your current provider of vape liquid or tincture, because this new company is going to win you over and leave you with a “Smyle on your face.”

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Frequently Asked Smyle Questions

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions on Smyle products. If you have a question not yet answered please don't hesitate to Contact us now and we will do our best to answer in detail.

What's The Best Smyle Promo Code?

Cannabuddies continually scans Canadian cannabis dispensaries in search of the best Smyle coupons, discounts, sales and deals. Check the button on this page for the best promo code for Smyle products as of Sunday 24th October 2021

Where Can I Buy Smyle Products?

Many marijuana dispensaries sell Smyle products but due to popularity are often out of stock. See the product listings on this page for where to purchase Smyle products from online shops Cannabuddies has scanned recently located in: Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, BC, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Does Smyle ship online in Canada?

We scan the webs known online shops to check for in stock Smyle inventory and prices. The pot shops listed below ship to major cities across Canada including: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Quebec City, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Victoria, Halifax, Oshawa, Windsor, Saskatoon, Regina, St. Johns, Kelowna, Guelph, Abbotsford and more.

Where Can I See Smyle Reviews?

Cannabuddies collects individual Smyle reviews on a per product basis. You can also login to vote your own personal Smyle rating using the stars system on this page.

Are There Smyle Reddit Review Post?

One of the most unbiased sources of information these days are in moderated Smyle reddit experiences and reports. Cannabuddies will list any relevant review and experience posts as we scan the web.

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