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purchase soap and shampoo reviewsThere is an age-old question that many of us have asked time and time again. Throughout the years our wisest and greatest minds have spent countless hours debating which is better… Shampoo or Conditioner? Is it shampoo, because it goes on first and cleans the hair? Or is the superior hair-care product conditioner, due to the fact that it goes on second and leaves the hair silky and smooth? The true winner of this antiquated debate is in fact, neither! The crown goes to Cannabis Infused Soaps and Shampoos!

While most shampoos and conditioners treat your hair with ingredients such as Vitamin E and Argan Oil, avocado oils or various others, infused hair care products take it a step further by adding CBD, THC or Hemp seed oils to the mix. These special ingredients can really help your luscious locks look their best, and besides. Who doesn’t want to try weed based shampoo? I know I do.

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