CBD products have seen an incredible surge in popularity thanks to more mainstream coverage, medicinal studies and stories pointing out its various benefits and overall acceptance around the world. There are so many product types, flavors, and varieties and with new ones constantly being imagined and manufactured the CBD market shows no sign of slowing down this innovation.

Below you will find some of the more popular forms of cannabidiol products as well as a description of some of the more popular and effective delivery methods alongside some of their key benefits and reasons to choose compared to other ones.

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Capsules – Pills and gel cap style CBD capsules are a convenient way to dose. Capsules can be made in various concentrations and with other ingredients that may complement cannabidiol with them. This delivery method is also a great choice for people that don’t like the taste of straight ingestion.

Concentrates – Pure cannabidiol in a variety of forms, when we are speaking of concentrates we are generally talking about the compound which has been extracted from plant material into a pure form for usage in a variety of delivery mechanisms.

E-Juice – A liquid solution usually combined with various other things to make it smokable via vaporization and e-pens.

Edibles – As the name suggests this is simply taking the product orally by mouth in some shape of form one can eat such as candy, chocolates or real just about any other form of tasty concoction you could think of.

Oils – An extracted CBD concentrated to make an oil suitable for ingestion either by swallowing or by allowing the oil to absorb topically under the tongue.

Pets (Dogs & Cats) – CBD has been shown to produce a variety of symptom relief and health benefits and the same goes for cats, dogs, and other pets/animals. CBD pet products also come in a variety of forms such as tasty dog and cat treats and tinctures to be added to food and water.

Phoenix Tears – A highly pure oil form – CBD phoenix tears are incredibly potent and usually held under the tongue for sublingual absorption into the bloodstream as opposed to the digestive tract which isn’t as bioavailable or quick to circulate.

Tinctures – Solution for adding to food, drink or to be absorbed directly sublingually under the tongue or by swallowing into the digestive system.

Topicals – Absorption through the skin can have a slightly different effect, onset and duration of perceived effects. Many people choose to go with topical cbd which comes in a variety of different forms as well such as creams, lotions, blams, salves, roll on gels and any other form one can imagine that is applied to the skin.

Vape Cartridges / Pens – Smoking and vaporizing cannabidiol is another way to get the compound into the bloodstream for circulation. Vape pens and cartridges can come in almost any flavor imaginable and the faster and harder hitting onset of the compounds makes this a very popular delivery method.

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