purchase-cannabis concentrates reviewsWhen it comes to cannabis concentrates there is now a vast variety of product types and flavors as well as extraction processes. Each of the concentrate types come with their own unique effects, potency and qualities. To help you get started understanding this always growing niche of marijuana consumption below is a little breakdown of some of the more popular varieties available.

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Budder – One of the varieties of cannabis wax alongside honeycomb and crumble, budder is extracted with chemical solvents like butane & CO2 to extract cannabinoids in a concentrated form.

Capsules / Pills – Pill forms of THC, CBD and cannabinoids for digestive tract absorption.

Crumble – A cannabis wax that is easily crumbled by hand to dose appropriately

Diamonds – A form of concentrate that is pure THCA crystalline in structure and potency.

Distillates – A free form translucent oil without chunks and waxes like other concentrates. Extraction processes are extensive to separate the pure cannabinoids from the buds.

E-Juice – Concentrated oil/liquid used in vaporizers and cartridges

Hash – Potent resin extracted from flowers, hashish contains higher concentrations of cannabinoids such as THC

Live Resin – From plant buds live resin is made from freezing the plant material and then extracting the compounds to retain the terpenes that give the plant its unique effect and flavor profiles

Moon Rocks – Weed moon rocks are buds that have been saturated, dipped or sprayed with hash oil and then rolled in kief

Oil – As the name suggests this is a thicker liquid substances in a variety of extractions that contain higher concentrations of cannabinoids and with unique qualities depending on what type of oil has been created

Phoenix tears – a marijuana oil extract, the main method of usage is to place a small amount under your tongue for sublingual absorption into the bloodstream

Rosin – using an extraction method that combines both pressure and heat to rapidly ‘squeeze’ resinous sap from buds, resin is a translucent, sap like and similar to shatter concentrate

Shatter – resembling glass, shatter is a cannabis concentrate that can snap and break easily and is often used for ‘dabbing\’ It is created by extracting high amounts of THC, THCA & CBD cannabinoids using solvents.

Topical Applications – Absorption of cannabis compounds through the skin layers for a different absorption rate and effect.

Tinctures – Created by absorbing cannabis compounds into a high proof alcohol and then straining out the physical flower products, tinctures can then be consumed by adding desired dosages to drink, food or directly in the mouth or sublingually under the tongue for a different effect, absorption and onset.

Wax – Similar to budder, crumble, honeycomb and other concentrates, Wax is another highly concentrated form of cannabinoids extracted from fresh marijuana flower

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