purchase capsules reviewsJust like your daily omega 3’s or multivitamin, cannabis is available in capsule form. A quick, convenient and discreet way to take cannabis, a capsule is easy to carry, simple to take, and makes dosing even easier. Usually coming in different varieties such as THC, CBD, or a ratio of the two, capsules are accurately dosed, usually at around 10mg each. This makes it extremely easy to determine how much THC or CBD you need, and then accurately administer that medicine. Cannabis capsules can be a liquid concentrate such as distillate inside a gel cap or even dried, decarboxylated cannabis flower finely ground and encased in a capsule. Sometimes Rick Simpson Oil (sometimes referred to as Phoenix Tears) is an ingredient used in a capsule. Essentially any type of cannabis can be put into a pill form and taken orally. They are metabolized through the liver, so expect your body to react similar to how it would react to edibles, as the two are processed by the body in the same way. Cannabis capsules are also easy to make at home, with a low cost first investment of a pill press and some gelcaps.

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