purchase crumble reviewsCrumble is a concentrate aptly named for its unique, crumbly texture. A subcategory of the wax group of extracts, it’s a part of the same family as sap, budder or honeycomb wax. More crumbly in nature than budder, and not quite as solid as honeycomb. Crumble is a desirable consistency and therefore generally sells for a higher price than shatter. This type of concentrate is best handled with a spoon shaped dab tool, then vaporized in a dab rig or a wax pen. Some people prefer to use E-Nails for crumble, as it allows more precision in dialing in your temperature. Extracted using a similar process as most concentrates, crumble is made by first soaking cannabis flower in a chilled, liquid solvent such as butane, then purging away the solvent and leaving behind the newly made concentrate. Butane or propane are the most commonly used solvents when making crumble, as C02 often leaves a runnier final product like sap.

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