purchase diamond reviewsDiamonds are a cannabis industry term used to describe pure, crystalline structures of a cannabinoid, usually THCA. THCA is a sister cannabinoid to THC, and actually converts to THC once heat is applied and is decarboxylated. Created in a similar manner to most cannabis concentrates, Diamonds differ in one major way. Usually in a closed loop system, the solvents are purged off almost immediately after they are applied. When making diamonds, a certain amount of the solvent is left on for a longer time, sometimes up to a week. This extended exposure to the solvents allows crystalline structures more time to develop, resulting in a final product which is usually a sauce with diamond structures at the bottom. Diamonds can also be made using the crystalline method, which is a process involving heat not dissimilar to making rock candy. THC diamonds can come at the bottom of a container of sauce, or divided up and sold separately. Usually Diamonds are vaporized through a dab rig or vaporizer.

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