purchase distillate reviewsDistillate is a cannabis extract that has been extensively refined to the point that only one compound (THC or CBD) remains. All of the terpenes and waxes are stripped from the product systematically, leaving an end product that is clear, odorless and tasteless. Distillate is a common ingredient used in vape cartridges and disposable vape pens, and sometimes terpenes are reintroduced to the distillate in those cartridges or pens in order to give back some of the original flavour of the plant. Distillate is often used in making edibles, as it allows you to add more THC or CBD to your edibles without making them taste too weedy. The process to make distillate is essentially taking an existing concentrate such as shatter, winterizing and decarboxylating it, and then distilling it. One drawback to distillate is because all of the terpenes have been stripped out, you miss out on the entourage effect that the cannabis plant provides in its whole form. However, it’s a potent concentrate which is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Because it has already been decarboxylated you can even add a bit to your food or drop a bit on your tongue if you don’t have your dab rig handy.

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