purchase e juice reviewsE-Juice is a compound which is vaporized through a compatible e-cig or vape unit. Unlike dry herb vaporizers, which heat dry cannabis in an oven, e-liquid vaporizers super-heat a compatible liquid, called E-Juice, resulting in huge, thick clouds of flavourful, potent vapor. Cannabis can be added to vape juice, essentially taking a liquid cannabis concentrate and mixing it with a carrier such as propylene glycol or even coconut oil. Most companies are taking the health risks of using vitamin e acetate seriously, and many have found ways to create E-liquid without it. E-juice is a very technical, complicated process which can be done at home but is probably best left to professionals. E-Juice has gained a ton of popularity with people who use handheld vape units, and is sometimes made with shatter, distillate or virtually any other cannabis extract. E-Juice is usually available in a wide range of flavors and strains.

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Joi Juice THC E-Liquid

Joi Juice THC E-Liquid

- 12% QNTM Pods (JUUL compatible)
THC vLiquid 500mg [Smyle]

THC vLiquid 500mg [Smyle]

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