Moon rocks

purchase moon rocks reviewsNamed for the striking resemblance evident in a cross section, Moon rocks are essentially cannabis buds that are dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief. This is a potent and creative way to smoke cannabis flower, one which you can easily do at home if you have the required ingredients. Moon rocks can be purchased on their own, or sometimes sold as a pre rolled joint. Sticky and dense, moon rocks will seize your grinder up in an instant, so use your fingers to break them up before smoking. I recommend adding them to some already ground flower if you’re planning to smoke them in a joint, as straight moon rocks are not only super potent, they are also really oily and don’t always burn the nicest in a joint or blunt. Adding some ground cannabis helps even out the smoke. The best way to enjoy moon rocks in our opinion is in a pipe or a bong.

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