purchase oil reviewsCannabis oils are a common form of cannabis extracts available on the market today. Widely used medicinally, and sometimes used recreationally, cannabis oils are usually taken orally, sometimes as a spray, but usually with a dropper bottle. Cannabis oils are usually produced using a solvent such as CO2 or alcohol. You can find many different types of oils on the market, including non-psychoactive forms such as CBD oil or CBD Hemp oil, THC dominant oils or a combination of the two. Sometimes it is sold as an Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or Hybrid. CBD oil is often in the news, being touted for its many medicinal benefits. Easy to take, oils are an excellent way to consume cannabis. Simply drop some oil from the dropper top on your bottle into your mouth, or spray it into your mouth if you purchased the spray type. It’s already decarboxylated, so it’s ready to consume.

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