Phoenix tears

purchase phoenix tears reviewsPhoenix tears, often referred to as Rick Simpson Oil or RSO, is a cannabis concentrate which has astounding medicinal properties. First created by Rick Simpson in the early 2000’s in order to help treat his own cancer, Phoenix Tears have become an incredibly popular cannabis concentrate both medicinally and recreationally. Phoenix Tears usually come in a syringe for easy dosing, and can be taken orally from the syringe, applied topically or added to your food. You can easily use Phoenix Tears in homemade edibles such as gummies. Incredibly versatile and packing an awesome punch, phoenix tears are also easy to make at home. All you need is raw flower, solvent such as 99% isopropyl alcohol or butane, and a rice cooker. When the process is completed, you’ll have a product that is powerful, packed with medicinal properties, and already decarboxylated, so you can go ahead and consume it without having to heat it first.

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