purchase rosin reviewsOne of the few cannabis concentrates that is made with zero solvents, Rosin is made using nothing more than a combination of heat and pressure. Essentially, a cannabis bud is sandwiched in between 2 plates of metal, which are heated and compressed, pushing the resin from the flower and turning the bud into a flat, crispy disc. Rosin is gaining a ton of popularity because you’re able to get a potent, dabbable extract which comes without the usual side of solvents. Best of all, rosin is easily made at home with little more than a hair straightener and some parchment paper. This simplicity in production leads to a final product that is free from residual solvents, because solvents weren’t even part of the production process. Rosin is also much quicker to make than other concentrates, because it does not require the purging step usually required in a solvent based concentrate. Rosin is usually really tasty and is best enjoyed dabbed through a rig or with a vaporizer.

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