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purchase beverages reviewsThe old joke might have been about drinking a joint and smoking a beer, but that might be something coming up in the near future as the cannabis industry looks to expand its offerings.

Drinks are a quick and convenient way to get the perfect dose of your favourite strain in a discreet, easy way. Obviously, drinks come in a number of different flavours and styles. They even come in alcohol forms for those customers looking for an extra boost to their party favours.  

Beverages and drinks are offered in tea, soda, shots, sports drinks, and a number of different options. They can be incorporated into a diet to help with rest and relaxation. They can also come in powder form to give the customer even more control of doses. Powders even come in unflavoured forms to mix directly into a drink and enjoy.

Companies have even been infusing cannabis into coffee grounds to give the customer even more options when it comes to ingestion. If the kick of coffee is too much or you’re simply looking for a way to keep warm and chillout, hot cocoa mixes are available.

When it comes to soda and cola options the THC industry doesn’t skimp. There are a variety of different flavours and options when it comes to those types of beverages. Dosing is not an issue either as infusions come in a variety of strengths to fill all needs when it comes to consumption. Sparkling water flavor and options are also available.

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