Magic Mushroom Capsules

purchase magic mushroom capsules reviewsHave you ever taken magic mushrooms and found yourself forever chewing? The earthy, tough fungus can leave a less than desirable taste in your mouth, even after you’re long finished picking the remnants from between your molars. If only Billy Mays were still alive, I am sure he would have found a better way…

But wait!

What if someone took all the greatness of magic mushrooms, turned it into a powder, and then encapsulated it into a gel cap that you could simply pop like an Advil and wash it down with a swig of orange juice? By geez and by golly, it seems like some enterprising individuals have done just that! Enjoy all of the recreational and medicinal benefits of psilocybin cubensis without having to battle with the taste, the texture or the interdental detritus with Shroom Capsules!

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