Mushroom edibles

purchase magic mushroom edibles reviewsIf you took 100 people who have tried magic mushrooms and asked them all what their least favourite part of the experience was, I would venture a guess that at least 90 of those people would say that they found either the taste or the texture was less than appealing. Luckily, a few companies have found a new niche within the majority of shroom users who don’t find psilocybin cubensis to be a tasty treat, by turning an otherwise bland fungus into a delicious chocolate bar, gummy, capsule or candy! Instead of plugging your nose and forcing shrooms down your throat like feeding a fussy toddler cough syrup, have an enjoyable culinary experience with Shroom Edibles!

From Gummy Bears and Frogs, to dark chocolate bars, cookies and cream or orange chocolate and peanut butter cups, will help you find the trippy treat that will best suit your palate, and at the best price on the internet!

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