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In the northern part of Canada there lies 3 territories full of culture, wildlife and beautiful scenery. Northwest Territories has a population of almost 45,000 people in their big beautiful land. As for Northwest Territories cannabis laws, they’re very similar to the rest of the country and follow the certain guidelines of the federal government.

One of the similarities that Northwest Territories has with the other provinces of Canada is that the minimum legal age for using cannabis, purchasing cannabis, and possessing cannabis is 19 years old. As well as that you’re allowed to carry up to 30 grams of cannabis in any public setting. Anyone under the age of 19 is absolutely prohibited from carrying or using cannabis at any given time or there may be a fine if you’re underage and get caught.

When it comes to growing cannabis in the Northwest Territories, the rules are fairly similar to everywhere else in Canada. You’re allowed to grow up to four plants per residence but only of course if you’re of the legal age of 19. The cannabis plants may be cultivated inside your residence or in your yard if you’re on private property. When you’re looking to grow your own cannabis you must purchase the seeds from a legal supplier as well. Anyone living in an apartment, condo, or multi-family dwelling should look into the rules and regulations that are stated in your rental agreements if you’re interested in growing cannabis in the Northwest Territories.

Purchasing and using cannabis in the Northwest Territories isn’t far different from other provinces. The sales and distribution of cannabis is dealt with by the Northwest Territories Liquor and Cannabis Commission (NTLCC). Unfortunately for the Northwest Territories, only have cannabis oil and cannabis seeds on top of allowing dried and fresh cannabis for retail. This means that anyone living up north in Northwest Territories won’t be able to get their hands on some cannabis concentrates like shatter, live resin, or cannabis budder. Using cannabis is strictly only for adults 19 or older and you’re allowed to smoke it in parks if they’re not being used for a public event, anywhere that allows smoking tobacco, and while you’re out on any hiking trails or roadways as long as you’re not operating a vehicle. Much like the rest of Canada, you can’t smoke anywhere that children gather frequently like sports fields, playgrounds, schools, and any outdoor events.

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Fort Simpson Beverages
10021 100th St , Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories X0E 0N0
Fort Smith Liquor Store
87 Breynat St , Fort Smith, Northwest Territories X0E 0P0
Hay River Liquor Retailers
101 76th Capitol Dr , Hay River, Northwest Territories X0E 1G2
Norman Wells Liquor Agency
15 Franklin Ave , Norman Wells, Northwest Territories X0E 0V0
Yellowknife Liquor Shop
100 Borden Dr , Yellowknife, Northwest Territories X1A 2N8
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