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Nova Scotia is a beautiful place to live and when it comes to cannabis laws, you know they’re playing it safe for their people with some of their rules. You must be 19 years old or older to purchase, possess, grow, and use cannabis. When you’re under the age of 19, your marijuana will be taken and you can get slapped with a fine up to $150, as well as notifying your parents. Now if you’re under the age of 18 and possess more than 5 grams of cannabis, then that is a criminal offence and you will be charged as a youth drug possession. Nevermind if you have over 30 grams and you’re 18 or younger, you can be charged with a criminal offence under the federal Cannabis Act. If you’re 19 or older you may possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in public and there is no amount you can’t keep within your home as long as it is properly stored away and safe from children and pets, oh and it’s for personal use of course!

When it comes to where you can smoke your cannabis, Nova Scotia wants you to do it in the safety of your home. You may be charged up to $2,000 if you smoke cannabis in public places as the Smoke-free Places Act would state. Some municipalities could potentially vote on adding new bylaws to further reduce the use of marijuana in a public setting. It is also a good idea to check with your landlord if you’re renting a property because the rules may differ from place to place. Do NOT get caught smoking your cannabis in your vehicle as it could lead to being charged up to $2,000 for doing so! Also do NOT operate a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis or have it within reach in your vehicle as you can be fined up to $2,000, the same as the liquor rules.

Growing your own cannabis in Nova Scotia seems to be fairly similar to other provinces with their rules. As long as you’re of legal age you’re allowed to grow up to four marijuana plants per household and every apartment in a house or structure is also considered a different household. Nova Scotia would like everyone that considers growing their own cannabis plants in their household to make sure that the plants are safe away from children or pets. Again it is a good idea to look into your municipality rules and regulations as some may and have already made new laws to follow for the specific area.

Buying your cannabis legally in Nova Scotia is fairly simple really. The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation are the only ones authorized to sell recreational cannabis in their province. The sale of cannabis edibles, cannabis topicals, and cannabis extracts began on Oct.17, 2019 and like recreational cannabis, only the NSLC(The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation) will provide these products for purchase. It is also good to know that the sale of edibles at restaurants and markets will remain illegal as per the federal laws, but you can make them in your home for your own personal use!

Nova Scotia is another great province to enjoy while you’re stoned after smoking a joint in the comfort of your home. Get out there and see the beautiful nature and scenery Nova Scotia has to offer. Perhaps go on the Three Sisters Sea Kayaking Day tour with your friends or check out the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk! There are also some beautiful trails to follow along the water, like the Cabot Trail or even a multi-day canoe trip on Lake Rossignol.

Find The Best Nova Scotia Weed Dispensary Near you:

Below we will list the latest physical marijuana store locations in the province of Nova Scotia and will also sort them by popular cities and towns within the province to help you better find store locations near you. If you see a business missing or unlisted, please don’t hesitate to use the add listing feature from the drop down menu to submit a missing business or to make appropriate edits to out of date or missing information.

Recently Added Nova Scotia Weed Store Locations:

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NSLC - Amherst
126 S Albion St , Amherst, Nova Scotia B4H 2X3
NSLC - Antigonish
151 Church St , Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2E2
NSLC - Bridgewater
274 Dufferin St , Bridgewater, Nova Scotia B4V 2G7
NSLC - Dartmouth
650 Portland St , Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2W 6A3
NSLC - Clyde St - Halifax
5540 Clyde St , Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3T5
NSLC - Joseph Howe Dr - Halifax
3601 Joseph Howe Dr , Halifax, Nova Scotia B3L 4H8
NSLC - Lower Sackville
752 Sackville Dr , Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia B4E 3A4
NSLC - New Glasgow
610 E River Rd , New Glasgow, Nova Scotia B2H 3S2
NSLC - New Minas
9256 Commercial St Ste 230 , New Minas, Nova Scotia B4N 4A9
NSLC - Sydney River
95 Keltic Dr , Sydney River, Nova Scotia B1S 1P4
NSLC - Truro
6 Court St , Truro, Nova Scotia B2N 3H7
NSLC - Yarmouth
104 Starrs Rd , Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 2T5
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