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Prince Edward Island Pot Dispensaries & Store Locations

Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) is another beautiful east coast island with only a population of just over 150,000. The act of legalizing marijuana has affected each province differently as most of the provinces have different laws per location. Although they’re only minor differences, it could potentially be a very costly mistake if you don’t know the rules for each province.

In Prince Edward Island the legal age for the use of cannabis is 19 years old, which is aligned with the legal age for both alcohol & tobacco. As an adult and being the legal age of 19 you may carry up to 30 grams on you in public, which is the federal limit as well. If you’re under the age of 19 years old, you’re not allowed to have cannabis on your possession but the province has a different approach with punishment as they’re trying to avoid bringing the youth in to face the justice system.

Now that we have covered the legal age and quantity of the cannabis laws, let’s take a look at where you can enjoy your purchase! Public Consumption of cannabis is restricted to only enjoying it in the safety of your own home. With that being said, there is potential for designated public smoking areas in the future, this is to help with the impact of legalization in your communities and the public health.

When it comes to travelling with your cannabis, Prince Edward Island is no different from all of the other provinces. You must leave your cannabis in it’s unopened packaging and when it’s in your vehicle it must not be within reach of anyone in the vehicle, so you’re best off just putting it in your trunk. The same rule applies when it comes to liquor as well, so cannabis is no different in this case. Don’t think of operating a vehicle under the influence as well because there could be serious consequences if you do so. It’s best you just keep all your smoking in the safety of your home and if you do choose to go out and explore the beautiful landscape of Prince Edward Island then maybe take a cab or walk instead.

As for the retail aspect of cannabis in Prince Edward Island, there will be four government-owned stores dedicated to selling cannabis in 2018, they will also have an online platform where you can have delivery directly to your household. The retail stores will be located in Summerside, West Prince, Charlottetown, and Montague. Prince Edward Island was in talks with three cannabis companies to have a legal and regulated supply of cannabis products. Instead of dealing with the government owned stores, you can just grow up to 4 plants per household as the federal laws state.

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Below we will list the latest physical marijuana store locations in the province of Prince Edward Island and will also sort them by popular cities and towns within the province to help you better find store locations near you. If you see a business missing or unlisted, please don’t hesitate to use the add listing feature from the drop down menu to submit a missing business or to make appropriate edits to out of date or missing information.

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PEI Cannabis - Charlottetown (Temp. Closed)
85 Belvedere Ave , Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 4N8
PEI Cannabis - Montague (Temp. Closed)
509 Main St , Montague, Prince Edward Island C0A 1R0
PEI Cannabis - O'Leary (Temp. Closed)
478 Main St , Oleary, Prince Edward Island C0B 1V0
PEI Cannabis - Summerside (Temp. Closed)
447 Granville St , Summerside, Prince Edward Island C1N 4P7
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