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The laws and regulations are different everywhere in Canada and the Yukon territory is no different with their cannabis laws. Most places follow the guidelines that the federal government has put in place but also change up a few things from province to province. Yukon territory is on the same wavelength as most of the provinces in Canada by having the legal age to purchase and carry marijuana to be 19 years old. The same goes for the amount you’re allowed to carry on yourself in public, 30 grams of dried cannabis. You’re allowed to carry up to 150 grams of fresh marijuana, 30 marijuana seed, and 2100 grams of liquid cannabis products like oil because these are considered equivalent to 30 grams of dried cannabis.

The Yukon is no different when it comes to driving laws while impared on cannabis. If you’re going to use cannabis just be sure you don’t operate a vehicle of any kind because there might be some hefty fines involved, nevermind putting other people at risk! If you happen to purchase cannabis at one of the approved retailers in the Yukon, then be sure you keep it sealed and out of reach while it is in your automobile. After you’ve picked up your stash and made sure it is out of reach while you transport it, you’re gonna want to head straight home if you’re going to consume your cannabis. You’re not allowed to smoke in the public in the Yukon, you must save that herb for smoking at home and at home only!

It is recommended to inquire with your landlords or to check your rental agreements if you’re renting because they can state that you’re prohibited from smoking in the rental home. The same goes for when you’re growing cannabis, always check the rules with your landlord! As for growing you’re allowed up to 4 plants per household, the plant can grow as large as it likes as there are no restrictions on the height of the plant. It is up to the adults of the household to make sure the marijuana plants and products are kept away from children and in a safe place.

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Below we will list the latest physical marijuana store locations in the territory of Yukon and will also sort them by popular cities and towns within the province to help you better find store locations near you. If you see a business missing or unlisted, please don’t hesitate to use the add listing feature from the drop down menu to submit a missing business or to make appropriate edits to out of date or missing information.

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The Herbary - Whitehorse
120B Industrial Rd , Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2T9
Dawson City Cannabis
978 2nd Ave , Dawson City, Yukon Y0B 1G0
Fire & Flower - Whitehorse
80 Chilkoot Wy , Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 6T5
The Herbary - Whitehorse
120B Industrial Rd , Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2T9
Triple J's Canna Space
211 Wood St , Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2E4
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