Speed Greens Exclusive Coupons (SpeedGreens.co)

20% off Shop Speed Greens

Looking for a new online shop to get your buds? Already a fan of Speed Greens? Go load up your cart, because they have a coupon for all customers to get 20% off their entire order, no restrictions! Just click the link above and use CBUDDIES20 at checkout. Since this code is available for any items, you can load up on their already great sales. Most of the time they’ve got items marked down 20-25% already, which could get you 40% off combined. I would highly recommend adding a sampler combo pack to your order. There’s a limit of one per order, but at only $99 for 4 eighth bags of AAAA grade strains, it’s the best way to get some variety. I like to add one to every order I make and then pick my favourite from the bunch and get it in a larger quantity. If flower isn’t what you’re into, then don’t worry, they’ve got a wide assortment of concentrates too. Shatter, budder, hash, live resin, even the newly popular HTFSE! Their menus for CBD and Edibles are a little harder to find, but once you locate them under the Shop menu, you’ll find all kinds of candies, beverages, tinctures, and balms.

Speed Greens Exclusive Coupons (SpeedGreens.co)
Speed Greens Exclusive Coupons (SpeedGreens.co)
20% off


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