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West Coast Supply is a Canadian medical cannabis dispensary that provides an online service, delivering cannabis throughout Canada to medical marijuana patients. WestCoastSupply are a combination of two other dispensaries and have a collective 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry. West Coast Supply has a commitment to accessibility, versatility and an easy to use interface. They offer concentrates, high quality flower, CBD, edibles and magic mushrooms. Their wide variety of options in all of these categories means they will have something for every customer. 

WestCoastSupply.net User Reviews

On Reddit, Trustpilot and Google, people seem to agree that West Coast Supply has great deals and give consistent 5-star ratings. Some common complaints are the quality of the cannabis, saying that the AAA and AAAA grades don’t live up to other competition in the market. If you’re looking for top shelf quality, this dispensary might not be for you, but people are very satisfied with the quantity they receive. Other reviewers comment on the fact that they seem to have a slower than average shipping time. These things can be deterrents for people using this as medicine, since timing is important. However, there are also reviews complimenting the delivery time, so it’s possible that there is some inconsistency in these negative reviews, especially given the size of the country and their nationwide service. 

Is WestCoastSupply Legit?

West Coast Supply has several reviews online reporting satisfaction and reliability, so we have no reason to think they are a scam site. They do reward reviews with discounts to their website, which may have an influence on this, but it seems that you have to be verified as a customer in order to receive these rewards. They have an interest in building a returning customer base and protecting online information, and so they do not sell customer information. They review accounts to make sure that customers are Canadian citizens and medical patients. 

West Coast Supply Rewards Program

West Coast Supply uses a point-based loyalty program like many online cannabis dispensaries, awarding a point for every dollar spent in the store. One hundred points will get you a dollar of in-store credit, so in other words, you need to spend $500 dollars in their store to get $5 of reward credit. This is a fairly standard rate for dispensary programs. 

West Coast Supply also rewards customers for leaving reviews for them online. The loyalty program is rather standard and the points gained can be used for discounts on other purchases made on the site in the future. The review rewards, of course, means that the online presence of Westcoastsupply.net  is probably a little skewed, with people leaving positive reviews in order to get discounts. If you’re still skeptical, check out their blog, with a conversational tone and information on a variety of cannabis related topics. 

West Coast Supply Shipping & Handling

The user interface of westcoastsupply.net is easy to use and intuitive. They offer options to pay with card or cryptocurrency. West Coast Supply offers free shipping on orders over $150 and paid shipping for smaller purchases. They seem to assume that if patients are buying online, they’re probably buying large quantities. They have a package tracking system to help you keep track of your product. 

A common complaint with ordering cannabis is that it can break down during shipping and doesn’t arrive to the user in the same pristine condition it was harvested in. This matters for some consumers, and if it matters for you, you’re probably better off buying locally. West Coast Supply prides itself on discreet shipping though, so you don’t have to worry about your neighbors seeing a big green box with a leaf on the side sitting on your doorstep. 

Westcoastsupply.net Deals and Discounts

West Coast Supply has a Sales page on their website where they seem to consistently rotate what is available in their supply. Sales seem to have a focus on pre-rolls, at least at the time of this write-up. The sales at westcoastsupply.net seem well designed to encourage users to try a variety of different products. Almost all of their sales are 25% off, so they don’t have any insane discounts, but their already cheap prices make up for this. 

West Coast Supply is a reliable online dispensary servicing all of Canada. Their quality and speed may leave something to be desired, but their broad selection and great prices combat these things effectively. If you’re looking for an easy, reliable Canadian online dispensary, West Coast Supply can help you out.

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