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Cannabuddies.ca is dedicated to publishing the latest in professional, desired, and trending: news, innovations, research, and information relating to the Canadian cannabis and medicinal marijuana niches. We’re looking for passionate enthusiasts, professional contributors and highly specialized knowledge influencers alike to help our company create truly valuable and unique content to move this market forward as a whole. If you have something to say that can truly help the industry and its consumers, we would love to work with you and help spread your message, insight and vision. We encourage other and so called ‘competing businesses’ to share their work here with us and create truly mutually beneficial information distribution that can mutually benefit both parties’ reach and growth.

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Submitting your Article / SEO Guest Blog Post

Would you like to discuss your article before submitting it? Head over to our Advertise with Us page and fill in the form to begin a conversation. Alternatively, you can also email us at support@cannabuddies.ca with the words guest blog post on the subject for consideration. If your article is truly interesting, engaging and valuable to the industry at large we will most definitely post it on our website whilst giving maximum credit and benefit to your organization as well (to ensure you become a regularly interested partner!) We understand that the goal of the vast majority of our guest posters is to build value into their own business model and are absolutely happy to contribute as much SEO and direct traffic value as possible to truly high quality content providers, as to encourage them to continue to develop a mutually beneficial partnership.

Canadian Marijuana Guest Blogging Requirements:

  • Well written, well read and original content piece of 500 or more words
  • Article is relevant and reflective to the readership of our website
  • A short 2-4 sentence bio of the author
  • Useful and relevant inclusion of hyperlinks within the content, to a maximum of 3 relevant ‘dofollow’ links
  • Submissions that are obvious marketing and link building piece will be rejected
  • Accurate and properly cited sources for claims that could affect the readers well being a must
  • Articles submitted become the property of Cannabuddies.ca
  • Articles previously published elsewhere or after acceptance will be removed as per our unique content monitoring tools.

Submit your article / guest blog post:

Email us at support@cannabuddies.ca with the subject ‘guest post’ within the subject and include in the body: relevant contact information, title, image or media and the article content. Alternatively submit your article using the form below and we will get back to you ASAP with more information or direction as to the requirements for acceptance or a notification that we will be publishing your submission in the near future.

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